Bawnmore Park

bawnmore park

A premium development of three eco houses in Bilton, Rugby, CV22 6JW   

Category: Residential

Project Cost: £269k

Completion Date: 2015

Partnering with local developer to complete groundworks, drainage and “shell” build for 3nr eco houses. Works included storm water attenuation systems, block built external walls with wide cavities filled with insulation, eco joist systems, fabricated steelwork, traditional roof construction and slate roofs. The three houses are built to the same construction standards and have similar features, differing only in the individual layout. Each house is of a block construction with underfloor heating, triple glazing, super insulated walls and high air tightness.

A full specification of computer infrastructure, audio / visual and smart home technology is available. Each house has parking for up to four cars. There are also communal parking spaces available for visitors. The access drive is approximately 130m long. Bawnmore Park benefits from many mature trees along the length of the drive and on the perimeter of the gardens.

resolution homes
bawnmore houses

The project was required to be completed with a rapid turnaround with a critical six-month programme to complete the works after commencing on site. A steel/timber framed construction made time-savings in labour on site while pre-fabricated screed boards avoided the lengthy delays associated with floor curing to ensure rapid progression of the project.