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With our in-house joinery shop, Springburn Joinery, we have been manufacturing and fitting external timber windows and doors for over 30 years. When you get a new set of windows for your home or business, you want a feel of real quality and you want them to last with as little maintenance as possible. Old, poorly-fitted windows allow the warmth from your home to escape and let in pesky draughts - Springburn's timber windows provide security and retain the heat from your home more effectively. We can also offer aluminium window and door replacement, especially suited for commercial, retail, community or educational buildings.

If you have a job in your home or business in the Rugby area, we can come and see the job, provide you with a free quote and then get on with the job hassle-free to meet your requirements. Just call our Minor Works team on 01788 866910 to arrange a visit. Click on bar at the top to Contact Us.

Minor Works

Quality Project & Customer Service Symon offer unrivalled quality customer service for your minor works building project with window & door replacement across a range of sectors including:

• Residential
• Commercial & Retail
• Education (Schools & Colleges)
• Ecclesiastical
• Industrial Units
• Sports & Leisure

We pride ourselves on value engineering and making the most of your construction investment to get a quality finished product with the most efficient solutions. Symon can offer up-to-date and innovative building processes and can help to increase the thermal & acoustic qualities of your window & door replacement project. Read more about the Buildings & Maintenance construction process here

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